Villa San Marcos

HOA Contact Information: or 970-243-7375

Please contact the office to get your account number in order to register for an account with Paylease, this same information is also on your invoice it is the t000 number specific to your account.  Please know that there are fees associated with paying online and that you may continue mailing in your payment at no cost if you would like.  If you have or previuolsy had an account with Paylease, you may need to call them to update your account number in order to gain access to your account.  

For Payment of the Annual Dues please make checks payable to Villa San Marcos HOA and mail to the address below:
Villa San Marcos HOA 
c/o Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties
131 N. 6th St., Suite 300
Grand Junction, CO. 81501

$130 Monthly

The HOA is responsible for:
Liability Insurance and common area maintenance and along 28 ½ Road

Governing Documents:
Articles of Incorporation


2019 Budget
2017 Budget

Complaint Form

Minutes and Notices: 
VSM Annual Meeting Notice-Packet 11.12.20 630pm

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Insurance Policy:

Insurance DECS 2020-2021

HOA Financials: 
September 2020 Balance Sheet
September 2020 Income Statement

August 2020 Balance Sheet
August 2020 Income Statement

July 2020 Income Statement
July 2020 Balance Sheet
2019 Year End Balance Sheet
2019 Year End Income Statement

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