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3 Ways the Industrial Market is Being Impacted by Retail

Posted by Kerry Seriani on November 15, 2017 in  uncategorized
Retail trends have had a huge impact on the industrial market for the last few years. Amazon shifted the entire e-commerce industry to lightning-fast shipping, which means that industrial centers and warehouses are being moved to closer-to-the-city locations to handle the load. On top of that, the trend toward reduced store size means that there’s more need for off-site storage and warehousing for retail products than ever before. Here are 3 other ways that the industrial market is being impacted by reta... read more

10 College Towns Ripe for Investment

Posted by Kerry Seriani on November 30, 2017 in  uncategorized
College towns are a breed apart, and they can present unique investment opportunities when some key factors are aligned. In some of these markets, rental yields can be as high as 14%, so they’re a smart choice for investors. The demographics in a college town help create this favorable environment for rental property. There are several major advantages to owning rental property in college towns: Large Tenant Pool: College towns have a large population of renters, with new ones coming in every semester.... read more
The Grand Valley encompasses a 20-mile radius from over 10,000 feet of elevation at the top of the Grand Mesa to 4,500 feet in the desert. Colorado’s Grand Valley offers opportunity and lifestyle most can't imagine. Companies and residents alike take advantage of the 10,000 miles of trails, 300 lakes, 2 rivers, vast plains, mountains and mesas to test out the latest gear and products. GJEP and their economic development partners work closely with Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Industry Office to create ... read more

3 Ways CRE is Embracing Smart Technology in the Digital Age

Posted by Kerry Seriani on January 12, 2018 in  uncategorized
Historically, commercial real estate has been a field that’s a little slower to change. It’s a field that requires industry professionals to build connections and hold negotiations. But in today’s market, smart technology has become more than helpful – it’s become an asset. Even Baby Boomers who’ve stuck to their briefcases and Rolodexes are making the switch over to cloud technology and smart devices to help them improve their work performance. If you’re an agent, b... read more

4 CRE Stats from 2016 That Might Surprise You

Posted by Kerry Seriani on August 23, 2017 in  uncategorized
Big data is driving more aspects of the business world than ever. CRE is no different and these data points and statistics can help predict what the market has in store for the future. Not only does it help predict, but it also helps to show what is happening and what is working for businesses. Here are some statistics from 2016 about commercial real estate that might surprise you. Lower Than Expected Vacancy Rates In the beginning of 2016 vacancy rates were expected to surge, but they remained low through... read more
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