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How Commercial Real Estate Affects Residential Real Estate

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Posted by Kerry Seriani on December 11, 2017 in  uncategorized
In the 1950’s we saw a direct impact of how residential real estate affected commercial real estate. As people left the cities to go into newly developed neighborhoods with only homes, there became a need for grocery stores, malls, offices more close.  However, over time this has reversed itself and people are moving back to the cities to be closer to work, shopping and the hustle and bustle of it all. This makes commercial and residential properties even more reliant on each other.  It is becoming ... read more

Is Starbucks at a Saturation Point?

Posted by Kerry Seriani on December 11, 2017 in  uncategorized
There is truth to the belief that there’s a Starbucks on almost every corner. A recent study shows that there are almost four stores per one square mile. With the ubiquity of Starbucks, it is hard to imagine that the company might have reached a saturation point, but it seems that it has come to that point. The study also shows that not only are there Starbucks locations everywhere you turn, but that they are actually hurting each other’s business. The over saturation of Starbucks is affecting its bu... read more

Dubai: A City Pushing Boundaries

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Posted by Kerry Seriani on December 07, 2017 in  uncategorized
When you hear of Dubai, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Cloud reaching, attention-grabbing skyscrapers? Glitz and glamour? Or perhaps you think of wealth and investment. All of these are what Dubai is composed of. The beautifully designed skyscrapers are why Dubai is considered one of the glitziest cities in the world. Within these skyscrapers are businesses, ultra-luxurious hotels, and massive shopping centers. It quickly became a city of interest for high-end investments in the commercial real es... read more

How Excess Rainfall is Affecting Cities Infrastructure

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Posted by Kerry Seriani on December 06, 2017 in  uncategorized
Whether you believe in global warming or not, it has been proven that there has been a rise in rainfall in the Northeast, Midwest, and upper Great Plains region of over 30 percent compared to pre-1960 levels.  This means the communities need to adapt their infrastructure to accommodate the excess rainfall.  Thankfully, they are not just adapting, but also using it to their advantage. As cities grow up and out, there are more impermeable surfaces to obstruct the natural runoff of the water.  Singap... read more

How can Asbestos Removal Services Benefit the Health of your Tenants?

Find out how a professional’s asbestos removal services can be advantageous for your employees health.
Posted by Kerry Seriani on December 04, 2017 in  uncategorized
Asbestos has been known to consist of small fibres that are invisible to the naked eye. These fibres are harmful for you and your tenants' health and safety. Many diseases, including the dangerous lung disorder mesothelioma, can result from continuous exposure to these fibres over time. You need to have a professional surveyor or architect come and survey specific areas in your building that may contain asbestos. This includes the roof of the building or even the parking garage. If your corrugated asbestos roofi... read more
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