Commercial Real Estate Trends

The Grand Valley encompasses a 20-mile radius from over 10,000 feet of elevation at the top of the Grand Mesa to 4,500 feet in the desert. Colorado’s Grand Valley offers opportunity and lifestyle most can't imagine. Companies and residents alike take advantage of the 10,000 miles of trails, 300 lakes, 2 rivers, vast plains, mountains and mesas to test out the latest gear and products. GJEP and their economic development partners work closely with Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Industry Office to create ... read more

Investing In Commercial Real Estate

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Investing in real estate can be a way to earn passive income and increase your wealth. While plenty of investors have success in residential real estate, others make a move to commercial real estate to gain even more money. As with any investment, commercial real estate has both risks and rewards. It’s not for everyone, as investing in it requires a good deal of work — especially in the early stages of the process. While there’s less risk in some cases, you typically need to put down more money... read more
There might be several reasons for refinancing your commercial mortgage. It might be outrageously high interest rates or inability to bear the monthly payments or even a job loss. You might want to avoid an upcoming balloon payment to lower the long term interest rate of the loan. The present condition in the real estate market has always meant a landscape change for the business organizations which were interested to work with the lenders. It is worth knowing that there are ways in which you can refinance your c... read more

Systematic Changes within Commercial Real Estate

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Looking at the big four property types within commercial real estate (Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family); there are a few trends that are causing a major shift in the way these properties are transacted. Office: Average Square Foot per employee is going down; Corporations are looking for “Productivity and Profitability” in space. (Coldwell Banker Commercial’s parent company REALOGY is an excellent example.  The company moved out of 370,000 SF and moved into 290,000 SF, with the exac... read more


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