Commercial Real Estate Trends

There might be several reasons for refinancing your commercial mortgage. It might be outrageously high interest rates or inability to bear the monthly payments or even a job loss. You might want to avoid an upcoming balloon payment to lower the long term interest rate of the loan. The present condition in the real estate market has always meant a landscape change for the business organizations which were interested to work with the lenders. It is worth knowing that there are ways in which you can refinance your c... read more

Systematic Changes within Commercial Real Estate

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Looking at the big four property types within commercial real estate (Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family); there are a few trends that are causing a major shift in the way these properties are transacted. Office: Average Square Foot per employee is going down; Corporations are looking for “Productivity and Profitability” in space. (Coldwell Banker Commercial’s parent company REALOGY is an excellent example.  The company moved out of 370,000 SF and moved into 290,000 SF, with the exac... read more


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6 Tips for Fueling Your CRE Pipeline in the New Year

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This year is almost in the books. As a CRE agent, that just means that it’s time to take a look at your CRE pipeline. Are you ready for 2018? Will you be stuck priming the same pumps as you did this year or do you want to refresh your strategy to build a pipeline of leads for a strong new year? If you want to refresh and reenergize your CRE pipeline for 2018, here are 6 tips to help fuel your lead generation strategy.   #1: Make Personal Contact with Potential Leads First things first, you n... read more

New and Old: How Stadiums are Changing

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With new stadiums being built across the United States, now’s certainly an exciting time to be a sports fan. Over the years, the nature of new stadiums has changed. Some are committed to sustainability and going green, whereas others are aiming to provide an all-around entertainment experience. New Stadiums A good example of this stadium experience is the proposed Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, a “sports and entertainment district” that first broke ground in November 2016. But LA S... read more
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