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Ever wonder how Residents feel about whats happening in the Grand Valley?

Posted: April 12, 2019 by Lisa M. Fulmer

Three years ago in 2016, a live survey was taken at the Economic Summit sponsored by Coldwell Banker Commercial and Grand Junction Economic Partnership. This survey paved the way for many of the initiatives passed over the last 24 months. So are these initiatives driving Grand Junction in the right direction? According to the City of Grand Junction Community Survey results released in February... we are. The survey was conducted by an outside third party who sent out 5,000 surveys to a random sample of residents. Almost 900 were returned and they create an interesting picture.


According to 2 out of 3 residents polled in the survey, Grand Junction is heading in the right direction. These residents showed confidence in our growing economy and economic prioritization. Ranked number one on the priority list was a Community Center followed by projects such as new trials, high speed internet, and improved infrastructure. The 17% who were not happy with the direction noted concerns in education, taxes, and failing infrastructure. That left 18% of those polled unsure or undecided if Grand Junction was heading the right way.


I tend to agree with majority on this one. With our strong economy I believe it is more important than ever to have a plan and set clear priorities. The Grand Junction Economic Partnership’s Vision 2030 list is a great example of setting these priorities. The Economic Summit happening this month will be the venue to discuss these topics and to see where to go from here. If you’re like me, you want to see where we are headed and then gauge for yourself if it’s the right way to go forward.

Brandon Schuette
Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

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