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Will a Shipping Container be Your Next Office?

Posted by Kerry Seriani on July 24, 2017 in No Category
Everything old is new again. This even pertains to shipping containers, some of the older of which are being transformed into homes as part of what’s known as the container home trend. This trend is also spreading to multifamily and even office space, with trendy office denizens putting them inside the building as individual offices. Why is this becoming a big deal? Let’s find out. First off, what is shipping container architecture? Simply, it’s the use of containers as a building materi... read more
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The retail landscape has been changing for quite some time with the largest impact coming from online retailers and more purchases being made on the internet. In fact, in just the 3 years between 2010 and 2013 the number of store visits dropped from 34 billion visits to 17.6 billion visits according to Elite Wealth Management. As retailers try to regroup, they are coming up with different ways to attract customers to their stores. One of these ways is by creating “experiential” retail locations or lo... read more
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While the real estate industry wasn’t the first to jump on the technology bandwagon – and this extends to social media – real estate professionals have come to realize the value of these resources. However, one wonders how best to use social media to maximize its effect. Well, wonder no more. We’ve pulled together a few tips for tailoring your social-media plan to the real estate industry – read on to get the most out of the latest technology. 1. Get your story straight. You&r... read more
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Warehouses Go Vertical: 5 Reasons This Makes Sense

Posted by Kerry Seriani on July 19, 2017 in No Category
Typically, warehouses are expansive one level buildings surrounded by other warehouses, however, things are starting to change when it comes to warehouses. With different factors having an impact on the logistics industry, one interesting thing to look at from a commercial real estate perspective is the warehouses that are going vertical. In the current environment of constant change, this makes sense and here are some reasons why. 1. Closer to Consumers Typically, many warehouse farms are in remote areas... read more
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3 Big Trends from the Retail Sector in 2016

Posted by Kerry Seriani on July 17, 2017 in No Category
The retail sector has seen some dramatic shifts in the past years as technology and the presence of online shopping continues to evolve and grow. Technology and online shopping has even driven some strictly brick and mortar retailers like Borders to go out of business. While online shopping has changed the way that consumers consume, there is still desire and demand for brick and mortar. In the retail sector for 2016 the trends included more focus around flagship stores, online businesses experimenting with br... read more
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